The Conservatory of Performing Arts

2020-2021 Schedule

Young artists are allowed one trial class in each style.

Please email the studio at to reserve your spot.

2020-2021 Important Dates

September 12 – Classes Begin

September 28 – Yom Kippur – Studio Closed

November 5 – 8 – NJEA Convention – Studio Closed

November 25-December 2 – Thanksgiving Break

December 21-January 3 – Winter Break

February 13-19 – President’s Day – Studio Closed

April 1-11 – Spring Break

June 12 – Last Day of Classes

Curriculum Offerings

All of the classes in both the Studio and Conservatory Track follow a graded curriculum.  Initial placement and  progression are based on the young artist’s ability to execute the skills.  This provides young artists with the skills they need for success.

LOWER  SCHOOL – all classes for ages 2 1/2 – 7 years old

Storytime Dance – ages 2-3 – virtual only – Combining storytelling and movement, this class is a great introduction to creative movement, dance and exploring your imagination.  Studio Track Only

Dancing Fun 1 – ages 3 – 4 – This class provides an introduction to dance by exploring movements that are the foundations of Ballet and Jazz with emphasis on creative  movement, gross motor coordination, musicality, qualities of movement, and creative thinking.  Young Artists in this class must be toilet trained and not in pull ups before they can enroll.    Studio Track Only

Dancing Fun 2 – ages 4 – 5 – For students who have completed the work introduced in Dancing Fun 1, Level 2 introduces new material in all areas.  Both Tracks

Jr Ballet/Tap/Jazz – ages 5 – 7 – Age and developmentally appropriate foundations in each of these 3 dance styles.  The curriculum for these 3 styles is designed so the skills taught in each area compliment each other.  Studio Track – Combination Ballet / Tap/ Jazz,  Conservatory Track – separate classes in each style.

Hip Hop Jr – ages 5 – 7 – A fun and energetic class based on age and developmentally appropriate movement and music.  Both Tracks

Theatre – ages 5 -6 – Improvisation, collaborative thinking, mime, public speaking, story telling  and character development are all skills being taught in this class.  Studio Track Only

UPPER SCHOOL – all classes for ages 8+

Ballet– Classical ballet technique based primarily on the Vaganova and Paris Opera Ballet Styles while incorporating advances in dance medicine to maximize training while minimizing injury risk.   Both Tracks  Ballet levels that require Variations as a 2nd class are not considered performance classes.

Floor Barre – ages 9+ Floor Barre consists of ballet based exercises laying on the floor to develop proper alignment and strength to improve regular ballet technique and reduce injury risk.  Our class also incorporates pilates, gyrokinesis and fascial work to safely increase strength, stability, and flexibility.  This class is paired with either Prepointe or Variations depending on the level of the young artist.  Conservatory Track Only  This class is not considered a performance class.

Tap – Classes emphasize a rhythmic and musical approach to tap dancing.  Young artists are taught how to use their feet as instruments and create a symphony of sound.  Both Tracks

Jazz – A strong base of classical jazz technique is augmented with a variety of styles including funk, theatre and commercial jazz for a well rounded variety.  Class includes warm up, across the floor and centre combinations.  Both Tracks

Modern -Young Artists will be exposed to a variety of techniques including Horton, Limon, Graham and Cunningham.  Young artists will also use their new vocabulary of movement to explore improvisation. Conservatory Track Only

Hip Hop- A high energy, age appropriate way of dancing set to popular music.Different from jazz in its movement expression, this class still includes warm up, centre work and across the floor movements.  Both Tracks

Theatre – Acting, improv skills, movement, and scene study.  Young artists will be cast in a production and learn about all aspects of staging a show as they progress through the year.  The students will produce and perform in a complete production at the end of the year.   Conservatory Track Only

Theatre Dance – Classes focus on building a character through dance.  Styles are explored from Vaudeville to Fosse.  Both Tracks

Prepointe –  ages 9+- Classes are designed to build the strength and alignment needed for proper pointe work.  This class is taught at 2 levels – the first level is bare foot and the second level works in prepointe shoes.  Both levels are available to young artists of all genders who are at the correct technical level.  At least 1 additional ballet class per week is require for Prepointe classes. Conservatory Track Only  These classes are not considered performance classes

Pointe – ages 11+ – Young artists who are assessed as being technically ready and having the physical requirements needed for working safely en pointe are introduced to pointe work in a safe and methodical fashion.  Two additional ballet classes per week are required to participate in Pointe class.  It is important to realize that pointe classes are not suitable for every ballet dancer. Conservatory Track Only

Variations – Young artists are taught excerpts from ballets as a way to integrate their technical classes with artistry.  This class requires an additional ballet class.  Conservatory Track Only

Contemporary – Contemporary Dance is a collaborative form of dance that incorporates elements from modern, ballet, and jazz dance styles with influences of cultural dances from around the world.  Class is done barefoot and includes a dynamic warmup, exercises to improve balance, control and range of motion, across the floor and center sequences.  Studio Track Only

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