Tracks of Study

Studio Track – Classes in this track are open to all interested students.  Multiple sessions throughout the school year allow those who enjoy the performing arts to participate without long term commitment.  This track is ideal for students new to dance as well as those who enjoy the performing arts, but who are also busy with other activities.  Each session in the Studio Track concludes with an in studio observation so you can see the progress your young artist is making.  There are no performance or costume fees for this track.  Any classes missed can be made up during the same session in any appropriate studio track class as long as the office is notified in advance of the absence.  Make up classes cannot be carried over to the next session and there are no refunds for missed or unused classes.

Conservatory Track – Young artists are invited to participate in this track based on their desire and dedication to participate.  Placement is determined by a combination of age, ability, and maturity.  The following expectations are made on those participating in this track:

1 –  Regular class attendance.  We realize that an occasional absence can’t be helped, but to be invited into this program again, attendance at a minimum of 75% of your classes is required.

2 – Trying your best.  Focus, hard work and a positive attitude in class are the key components to striving for excellence.  

3 –  Adhering to the class dress code.  With the exception of small stud or hoop earrings, no jewelry may be worn in class.  Proper attire and footwear is important for both safety and the artist’s ability to see their alignment and develop body awareness.   Dress code requirements for each class will be provided before the season begins.

4 –  Participation in this program is a commitment from September 9, 2019, through June 13, 2020.  Young artists accepted into the conservatory track agree to make their class times a priority in their schedule.  Registration in this track is accepted until October 31, 2020, space permitting.

5 –  Tuition will be paid as scheduled.  For your convenience 1, 3 and 9 installment payment plans are available.  Payments not made by the 5th of the month they are due will be assessed a $25 late fee.  Payments returned  for any reason will have a $35 bank charge added to the amount due.  There will be no refunds on payments made unless the remaining classes are cancelled by The Conservatory of Performing Arts.  If an account becomes 2 months delinquent, the young artist may not participate in classes until payment is arranged.

6 –  Performance experience is required for the growth of the artist.  Young artists are expected to participate in the end of season performance(s).  Attendance at dress rehearsal is required for performing in the show(s).  Accounts must be up to date before the performance for the young artist to be allowed to participate.

7 –  If the young artist is unable to commit to the days / times of the class(es) recommended or there are additional requirements they are unable to meet, the artist may choose to register for a lower level class in the same style.  Young artists accepted into the Conservatory track may request to be leveled in additional styles of dance.

8 –  Young artists who do not want to or cannot make the commitment for the conservatory track for any reason are welcome to participate in the studio track.  A request can be made to be considered for the conservatory track for the next season if circumstances change. 

9 –  Absences that the studio is notified about in advance may be made up in any age / level appropriate class during the season.

Performance Companies

The Conservatory of Performing Arts has 3 companies that provide additional performing opportunities in non competitive environments.  Guest teachers / choreographers are brought in to introduce the company members to a variety of dance techniques and styles as they set a piece on each company.  This allows young artists to  be  exposed to a variety of experiences they would not otherwise be able to have.    Company members are invited to participate in these companies based on their dedication and enthusiasm.  Placement in the different companies is by technical level, with Company A also having the requirement of the company member being in High School.  

The following expectations are made of all young artists participating in the performance companies.

1 – Regular class attendance.  We realize that an occasional absence can’t be helped, but to be invited into this program again, attendance at a minimum of 75% of company classes is required.  We are bringing in guest instructors to work with company members in sessions about 6 weeks long.  If you have a commitment that will conflict with several classes during a specific 6 week session the following options are available:  (a)  Attend the classes you are able to make with the understanding that you will be an understudy and not a regular cast member.  This is at the sole discretion of the guest teacher; (b) Attend a lower level company for that 6 week session, if your schedule allows, and be a regular cast member for that piece only.  If this option is taken the classes taken with the lower company will NOT count as absences.

2 – Maintain enrollment and attendance in the required Conservatory Track technique classes.  Companies B and C – 2 technique classes, one of which must be ballet, tap, jazz, or modern.  Company A – 3 technique classes, covering at least 2 styles.  Technique classes include ballet, tap, jazz, modern, prepointe, pointe and variations.  Company A only – if you are in a  dance technique class at your academic school that meets 90 minutes a week for the full school year and  you maintain a passing grade, this can replace 1 of the 3 required technique classes with documentation from your teacher.

3 – Company members are expected to dance over the summer break.  The minimum options for 2018 are one of the following:  The Ballet Modern Intensive at CPA or One week of Born to Perform Summer Camp at CPA or 25 hours of dance training at another location, documented with dates / hours by that organization.

4 – Company members are expected to attend company performances.  Artists will be notified of performances as far in advance as possible.  

5 – The costume fee for company is a flat fee for all the costumes needed in the season.  These costumes will remain property of The Conservatory of Performing Arts.  Company members are responsible for maintaining the costumes in good condition.  Part of the costume fee will be used to buy a base piece for each company member (leotard or pants around which the majority of costumes will be based).  This piece is kept by the company member at the end of the season.

6 – Company members may be required to purchase additional footwear depending on the needs of the piece.  We will do everything possible to find the best pricing if this situation occurs.


Student Assistant Program

Students aged 13 and older in the Conservatory Track are eligible to apply for the Student Assistant Program.  This is an opportunity for students to assist in classes for younger students and learn more about teaching.  Student assistants will earn credits towards their tuition for every hour they are assisting.  Monthly classes to enhance their training will be provided.  Student assistants 18 or older may also be hired as substitutes for their class upon the recommendation of the regular instructor.  Please let us know if you are interested in more information on this program.


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