COVID 19 Studio Guidelines – Updated 3/7/2022

Please note that this is a living document and will be updated as often as needed.  

Our COVID-19 point of contact is Anneliese.  She has completed the Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing Certification Program and will be following the CDC and NJ Department of Health guidelines and changes.  Whenever these changes are pertinent to the safety of the young artists and staff of the studio, we will adopt them and update this document.  An email will be sent to all registered families whenever an update is made notifying you of the changes.  The studio will participate with any contact tracing requests we receive.

Mask Information

  • Our updated policy on masking will make masking optional for most of our classes based on the where Bergen County is showing on the CDC Community Risk Tracker.
  • Green / Low Risk – Masking is at the discretion of the parent / guardian for all mask optional classes.  Classes that are working on material that do not allow for a minimum of 3 feet of social distancing between the young artists will remain mask required.  These classes are listed on the current mask waiver form.
  • Orange / Medium Risk – Masking is at the discretion of the parent / guardian for all young artists who are current with their COVID 19 vaccinations in the mask optional classes.  We ask that any young artists who are not current with their vaccinations return to masking at this level.
  • Red / High Risk – We ask that everyone return to masking while in the studio space.
  • All staff members and instructors at the studio will continue to wear masks through the end of the season whenever a young artist is in the studio.
  • If your young artist needs to read lips for effective communication please let us know and their instructor will weara communicator mask with a clear vinyl panel so their mouth is visible. 

Social Distancing

  • While social distancing is no longer required, our regular class sizes allow for more than 36 s/f per young artist, allowing for ample individual space for each participant.    
  • Our class capacities vary with age and level of the young artists.  In studio A, our maximum class size is 8 young artists and in Studio B it is 12 young artists.
  • The waiting area by the reception desk will remain closed at this time.


  • Everyone entering the studio space must use hand sanitizer or complete 20 seconds of hand washing before entering the studio.
  • Street shoes must be removed before walking onto the dance floor in either room.  Young artists may walk into the desk area of Studio A and change from their street shoes to their dance shoes on the bench.
  • Barres will be wiped down with a CDC approved disinfectant after every use.
  • At the end of the night the studio floors will be wet mopped with a CDC approved disinfectant / cleaner or steam cleaned.
  • There will be no sharing of props between young artists.  For classes that use mats or small props, all of the props that are used will be put to the side and cleaned and disinfected with CDC approved cleaners before they are re-used.
  • All high touch surfaces will be wiped down with CDC approved cleaners throughout business hours.


  • The building has updated its HVAC system to the CDC required specifications.
  • We have installed multi stage air purifiers (which include carbon and True HEPA filters along with negative ion generators) in each studio.  These units are rated to provide approximately 3 clean air delivery cycles per hour (which combined with the building HVAC brings our ACH to over 5.  This level puts the studio into the Excellent Ventilated category according to the Harvard – CU Boulder Portable Air Cleaner Calculator).  If you want more information on these units, please feel free to ask.
  • Windows in both studios will be open, weather permitting, during class times and the doors to the studios will remain open during class times to allow for additional ventilation.

Health Checks

  • All young artists and staff members are asked to health screen before coming to the studio.  Registration implies following the guidelines below:

When Should a Young Artist or Staff Member Stay Home?

  • You tested positive for COVID 19.
  • You were in close contact with someone who has tested positive.  Close contact in NJ is defined as being closer than 6 feet for longer than 10 minutes.  New CDC guidelines now indicate that this time is cumulative over 24 hours , so multiple shorter exposures that add up to a minimum of 10 minutes are considered close contact.
  • You had physical contact with a person who has tested positive.
  • Someone who has tested positive coughs or sneezes on you.
  • You have shared eating or drinking utensils with someone who has tested positive.
  • You are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever (100.4 or higher for young artists / 99.4 or higher for staff)
    • Chills
    • New Loss of taste or smell
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • You are experiencing any of the following symptoms that are not associated with another cause
      • Cough 
      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
      • Fatigue 
      • Muscle or body aches 
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Congestion or runny nose
      • If fully vaccinated – sneezing is a common symptom
  • You are waiting for the results of a COVID 19 test because of symptoms or exposure
  • You have traveled to one of the CDC Level 3 risk level countries within the past 14 days.  Please visit – for the up to date list.

What Happens if There is a Positive Case at the Studio

We will contact the Department of Health and provide them with all of the details and follow their guidance.  


Our class structure follows the cohort model.  For this reason, in person make up classes will not be allowed until further notice.  If your young artist is going to miss a class, please let us know at least 1 hour in advance so the class can be set up for Zoom or a similar platform.  This gives the absent young artist the option of participating remotely in real time or working with the video on their own time.

If your young artist has been out of the studio due to any other COVID 19 related reason, please contact us either by email – or call us at 201-367-1668, so that we can discuss your specific situation and make sure they are clear to come back to class based on the most recent guidelines we’ve been given.

Additional Information

If you have questions that are not addressed here or have specific scenarios dealing with possible exposures, please reach out to Anneliese by email – or phone her at 201-367-1668.   




COVID-19 HOLD HARMLESS  – Updated 1/23/2022


The Parent/Legal Guardian of ___________________________________________________ acknowledges that the novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) represents a serious health condition for persons exposed to it and that all students and parents/guardians for students currently enrolled at The Conservatory of Performing Arts (CPA) are relying on the truthfulness and accuracy of the certifications made herein:

(1) Each Student and immediate family of each student represents to the best of their knowledge, information and belief, that neither they nor any member of their household with whom they live: 

a. Is currently diagnosed (tested positive) for COVID-19 or has a test (because of exposure or symptoms) pending for COVID-19,

b. Shows signs of suspected COVID-19 (Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath / difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea).  You must be fever free, without fever reducing medication for 24 hours before attending class.

c. Is under any restrictions or quarantine from travel as per CDC or State or NJ guidelines.

d. Is under quarantine or isolation directed by a healthcare provider due to COVID-19 concerns,

e. Has had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.  In NJ, Close Contact is defined as being within 6 feet of a confirmed COVID-19 case for 10 minutes or longer cumulative over a 24 hour period or had direct contact with the infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g. were coughed on, picked up a tissue with an ungloved hand etc).   For more detailed information on Close vs. Casual contact.  Please visit –

(2) The undersigned acknowledges that there is no guarantee or warranty that the other Students or Staff are free from COVID-19 and that they each voluntarily assume the risk of attending classes at the Studios or other location procured by the Directors for the use of CPA. 

(3) CPA and the undersigned each agree that if any representation made in this Hold Harmless should become untrue they will inform the other parties of the change. 

In acceptance of the above statements, Student and Legal Guardian/Parent agree to hold harmless CPA Directors and Staff from any and all liability, arising out of or related to the COVID-19 virus. 

___________________ __________________________________________________________

Date Parent/Legal Guardian

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